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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sweet Lullaby, A baby Album with a Card.

Babies smile in their sleep because they are listening to the whispering of the's a baby album with a cute drawer at its base,looking like an accordion when opened,I created this to treasure the captured  sweet beautiful moments and memories of the smiling  infant with her angel mother through the years covering different milestones of her babyhood ! It has a sliding baby carriage to reveal a hidden message and a visual...can hold upto more than 100 images of different sizes. Every page is designed differently with various flip folds, cascading flaps,envelopes,hidden pockets,tags,jounalling note cards etc.....hope u like this Sweet Lullaby...Please go through the complete instructions with product list below..

Sweet Lullaby !
Products Used :
Classic Rose Cling Stamps, HCPC – 3752
Classic Rose Die, HCD1 – 7110
Classic Rose Cling Stamps, HCPC – 3753r
Classic Rose Vines Die, HCD1 – 7111
Blushing Rose Cling Stamps, HCPC – 3755
Blushing Rose Stem Die, HCD1 – 7113
Majestic Blooms Die, HCD-742
Window Frame Cling Stamp, HCPC – 3794
Window Frame Die, HCD1 – 7148
Once Upon  a Time Die,HCD1 – 744
Sweet Little One Cling Stamp, HCPC – 3602
Sweet Lullaby Die, HCD1 – 746
Sweetheart Border Dies, HCD1 – 7161
Border Essentials Die, HCD1 – 783
Sweetheart Borders Die, HCD1-7161
Raindrops on Roses Die, HCD1 – 743
Lauggage and Tags Die, HCD1 – 745
Cut Mat Create 2A Die, HCD2 – 751
Cut Mat Create 2B Die, HCD2 – 752
Classic Border Basics Die, HCD1 – 7119
Eyelet Circle and Basics Small Die, HCD1 – 7154
Circles Basic Large Die , HCD1 – 7155
Flip Fold Inserts :
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts A-Black 4.25”/11.25”, HCFP1-433-1
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts B-Black 5.5”/18”, HCFP1-434-1
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts C-Black 5.5”/11.75”, HCFP1-435-1
Pocket and Flipfold Inserts B-Black 3.5”/14”, HCFP1-434-1
3D Rose Shaping Mold, HCFB1-462
Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit ,HCST1-401
Rajni Chawla’s Crystal Clear ,PGM15015
Go Man Go Prills, ANC818
Sweet Lullaby Paper Collection, HCDP1-243

Other Products:
Medium Weight Black Chipboard
Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
Pink Handmade Paper
Iris Paper for Flowers
Scoring Board
Ranger’s Archival Inks :  Majestic Violet,Violet,Magenta Hue,Pink Peony,Rose Madder,Fern Green,Olive,Leaf Green,Watering Can.
Versafine Onyx Black Ink
Glue Gun
Double Sided Red Tacky Tape
Double sided Foam Tape
Foam Glue Dots
Clear Drying Glue
Shabby Fabric Lace
Metal Drawer Puller Handle
Pearl String
Plastic Charms
Light weight clay foto frame.
Spellbinders’ Mini Envelope 2 Die
Frantic Stamper Inc’s Baby Icon Dies
Memory Box” Precious Heart Die
Memory Box Baby Clothes Die
Frantic Stamper’s Mother and Child Card Panel Die

Rattle Shaker Card
Products Used :
Sweet Lullaby Paper Collection, HCDP1-243
Birds and Blooms Cling Stamp, HCPC-3644
Birds and Blooms Die, HCD1-756
Leafy Branch Cling Stamps, HCPC-3645
Leafy Branch Die, HCD1-757
Large Classic Petunia Cling Stamp, HCPC-3786
Large Classic Petunia Die, HCD1-7140
Small Classic Petunia Cling Stamp,HCPC-3785
Small Classic Petunia Die, HCD1-7139
Cut Mat Create 2A Die, HCD2-751

Other Products:
Ranger’s Archival Inks – Magenta Hue, Rose Madder,Leaf Green,Olive,Fern Green.
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo, Forest Moss
Versafine Black Onyx Ink
Die-namics’ Baby Rattle Die
Glitter chunks
Instructions :
The ready folded card measures 5 1/4”x 7 ¼””.
On Black card base,cut a design paper 5” x 7”from Sweet Lullaby Collection.Mat over it. Cut 4” x 6” design paper and mat it over again. Stamp with Archival Inks

 It’s a complete handmade album made out of medium weight chipboard.
6”/6” ( 2pcs )
6”/2 ¼” ( The Album Spine )
6”/1.5” ( The Back Outer Wall of the Drawer )
6”/5 5/8” ( The Separating Element/ Wall Panel )
5 5/8” / 1.5” ( 2Pcs , Outer Side Walls of the Drawer)
Chipboard for the Drawer :
5.5” .5.5” ( For the Bottom Base )
5.5” / 1 3/8” ( 4 Pcs, For the inner sides )
Pocket Page Size : Cut six 5 ¾”/11 7/8” black cardstock for 6 pocket pages scored at 5 ¾” and 11.5” on the long side. Adhere the edges to form the pockets. Using Classic Border Dies cut curve in outer centre edge of the pocket page. Cardstock or Notecards measuring 5.5”/5.5” can be used as inserts.

 It looks like an accordion with a Drawer at its base.There are 6 main pages on the hinges, every page is a Pocket in itself with an Insert Notecard which can be used for photo matting, journaling or both,and overall there are 14 sides or 14 pages with lots of flipfold pages ,flipflaps, pockets,envelops,tags,cascading pages to hold about more than 100 photos,tags and journaling notes. To make it extra special and of more cute utility ,the drawer box  at its base can hold sweet little memoirs or loose photos. The layout of the size measurement of the album is here in the diagram below. These chipboard pieces are glued up using the cardstock at its base and double sided red tacky tape .

The front cover has the design paper from Sweet Lullaby Collection, cut it smaller by 1/16” to mat over the black cardstock base ,attach the ribbon at its back centre, this matting is again smaller by 1/8” to mat over the pink front base of the album. Do the same procedure for the spine,back of the box wall and base back cover of the album using design paper from Sweet Lullaby Collection. To make the sliding bar cut the design paper measuring 2.5”/ 5”, score at ¼” from longer side , cut a rectangle 4 1/8” x 1 ¼” in its centre leaving 5/8” from the scored lines and 5/8” from the sides. On its right side punch a half circle notch to pull the slider tag.Fold at scored lines to form a pocket like sliding closure and adhere it at the lower base .Before adhering it,on the left side on the visible base, stamp the sentiment from Sweet Little One Stamp Set. Cut another piece from design paper a little smaller than the sliding bar so that it can slide easily to and fro through it. Diecut 3 baby carriages from Sweet Lullaby Die with one solid plain piece cut in carriage shape , mat it over one another to make it sturdier as it would be used as a slider to reveal the underneath picture and sentiment. With the foam glue dots adhere the baby Carriage on the left side of the sliding tag. On the right centre edge of the sliding tag punch a hole and thread a ribbon or twine through it to pull the tag in and out. Diecut a mother child image ,color it and adhere it just beneath the Baby carriage on the lower left side. It gets revealed when the carriage slides to the right side. On the left edge of the front cover diecut the Sweetheart Borders and adhere it ,it looks like a lace.Adhere shabby fabric lace a little over it and on the sides towards the spine edge. Adhere some pearl beads too. 
Stamp,diecut and color the flowers and leaves from Classic Rose and Blushing Rose stamp and die sets ,Majestic Blooms die using Archival Inks in shades of pink and mauve as mentioned in the product list. Shape them up using 3D Rose Shaping Mold and Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit. Apply clear glue on the leaves and sprinkle some Crystal Glitter. Die cut the stamens from Arianna blooms,color it and on the tips adhere yellow prills. To learn more tips on flower making please follow Emma Lou’s link here –

Arrange and adhere the flowers,Pollens,Anthers using glue gun as seen in the pictures , adhere flowers and leaves on the left side and on the baby carriage too.Adhere a pearl string too on the carriage.
On the left top corner of the spine with shabby lace attach some charms and tags cut from Luggage and Tag die from Sweet Lullaby paper. Adhere some Majestic Bloom flowers and leaves too.
All the 14 sides of the pages have to be matted with Sweet Lullaby design papers cut smaller by 1/8” of the base page.Every page is different as it has all different Flipfold Inserts,hidden pockets,envelopes,bands,tags etc. enclosed with either Velcro or Shabby Ribbon Laces.
Page 1 :Three design papers attached to each other overlapping by ¼” to form a flip fold page with a belly band of size 1.5”/6”. On the base is a small eeenvelope to hold tags or messages.Glue the edge on the right side of the inner front base. Clasp it with Velcro for easy opening and closing of the band holding pages.Add the sentiment strips and shabby lace.
Page 2 : Mat with design paper. Adhere the clay photo frame 4”/3”. Form a band with matted strip of sentiment ‘ Darling Little One’.
Page 3: Adhere the Pocket and Flipfold Inserts A Black in the centre of the page. On the sides adhere diecuts of Border Essentials Die.On the front lower base of pocket glue the shabby net lace to form another pocket. Use Velcro for pocket closure.
Page 4 : Stamp,color and die cut the paper with the Window Frame Die and Stamp Set. Beneath it adhere a design paper of sleeping baby. Adhere it on top of twofold flip flop page  measuring 5.5”/4”leaving the right edge to make provision for hidden window pocket for small tag and messages. Adhere Border Essential diecut on  window top. The inner pages of this flip flop has pockets too using Border Essential dies,it measures 2 ¼”/4”. Embellish with paper diecut baby socks,teddy and butterfly. Use a twine to hold the flipflop in place.
Page 5 : On matted base with design paper is the pocket made using Raindrops on Roses die. On top edge create a  3 layered cascading cards from design paper measuring 3.5”/4.5” Make a closure with shabby lace and Velcro attached to it. At the base cut and adhere a sentiment strip.
Page 6 : Create a belly band with sentiment strip towards the lower base of matted page. Use the Pocket and Flipfold Inserts B- Black measuring 18”/5.5”. Mat it on all sides with design paper leaving 1/8” space showing of the black base. Use different diecuts from Border Essentials and othe dies mentioned in product list to create pockets on these. Wrap it up with a twine and insert it in the belly band.
Page 7 : Create pockets using Circles Basic dies and Sweetheart Borders at the lower centre base of this page. On right edge adhere the two layered cascading flaps measuring 5”/4”from design paper. Make a clasp with Velcro. Decorate the top with diecut baby clothes.
Page 8 : On the base create a dual pocket using Border Essential dies with sentiment strip adhered at the bottom. On top edge adhere the two layered cascading flaps 5”/4”. On top flap adhere a diecut envelope to hold tags.Adhere shabby lace and Velcro clasp.
Page 9 : Using Eyelet Circles and Basics Small die create a pocket with another half cut die. Border the edge with Sweetheart Border dies. Embellish with diecut milk bottles and butterfly. Adhere the circle applying glue only on side circular edges to form pocket at circle back also. Use shabby lace over it.
Page 10 :Adhere the Pocket and Flipfold Inserts B-Black measuring 3.5”/14” on the lower left side of the page. Mat it up with design paper a little smaller by 1/8” on black base. Adhere with red tacky tape on three sides leaving the top edge to make it a pocket slider for tags.
Page 11 : Cut and adhere on top edge of the page the three 5”/4” cascading flaps.Wrap around with shabby lace,enclosed with Velcro clasp.
Page 12 : Using Cut Mat Create 2A and 2B Dies create 4 flaps using design papers measuring 3.75”/4.75” matted on black base.Adhere these in cascading style. Hold it with shabby lace and Velcro. On top flap adhere a diecut envelops for tags. At the base of the page create  a pocket with Border Essential dies.
Page 13 : Create side pocket 2” wide with Border Essential dies and sentiment strip to hold the photos.
Page 14 : Adhere the ribbon at the centre base of the last page. Mat it with black cardstock with design paper matted over it. On the top edge of the page adhere the Pocket and Flipfold Inserts C-Black measuring 5.5”/11.75”. Mat it with design paper 1/8” smaller than the base. Create pockets inside the flaps and embellish with Sweet Lullaby die-cuts.
Mat over the box sides and drawer sides from outside and inside with design papers. In the front centre of the drawer pierce two holes and fix the metal drawer puller with the brads.
The beautifully cute baby album is ready to preserve the timeless memories.